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Welcome to the homepage of Icelandic artist Margret Zophoniasdottir. You can see some of her work on the page „Verk“ and you can look at her cv on the page “Ferilskrá“ and see where she has held exhibits on to page “Sýningar“.



A Series

Human Closeness is my most recent collection. The series focuses on several elements that I have been extremely interested in over the past few years. It is often the case that our most natural and erotic desires are reflected from nature. Through this collection, I attempt to use art as a unique and creative tool with which to explore different levels of realities.



A Study

I always like to keep my work fresh and creative, and Nature and Nurture in Oil Paint is a prime example of my inspiration to stay relevant and innovative. Creating this collection was a blast, and I pushed my artistic abilities to the limits. If you'd like to see more, be in touch or come to one of my exhibitions.



Observing From Afar

The Mobile World observes human nature in day to day life. Through this collection, I attempt to provide a fresh set of eyes through which to critically observe what is now thought of as common elements of life. I invite my fans to question and redefine their assumptions about society in order to become more connected in an increasingly disconnected world.

To find out more about my recent collections, get in touch today.

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